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      Just wanted you to know I really empathize with your eye situation. I have experienced the very same problems with my eyes since having my second course of RAI a year ago. I taught a course in Critical Care Nursing and last May, I accidently stuck one of my students with a contaminated IV needle during a code. I was having really bad double vision and in all the uproar, my hand slipped and I jabbed this poor girl. Of course this happened on a Friday so we both spent a miserable weekend waiting for the infectious disease screens to all come back the following Tuesday. Even though the screens all came back negative, that was the turning point for me as far as working went. I resigned from my teaching position shortly after this and haven’t worked since. My eyes just got too bad to risk it anymore. I had the orbital radiation done last September. Since then, there has been some improvement in the constant problems I was having with tearing. The puffiness remains, as does the double vision which is worse at night. Every case is different. Your eyes may respond really well to the radiation treatments, so I’d go for it if I were you! I’ve learned this disease requires a tremendous amount of patience…especially with ourselves. So hang tight and don’t give up! E-mail me if you need to “talk.”

      Luci C.

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        Hi all Eyes are killing me, watering, puffy, double-vision, the works and tired, tired, tired. I don’t get to this BB as often as I would like as I am too tired after working, even if it is only three days a week. Can anyone tell me how long this lasts. I have been bad since about October. I am waiting to have Orbital Irradiation treatments but that is not a cure, apparently it only stops the disease from going further. I am really having a hard time continuing work. I am afraid if I go on LTD which does not kick in for four months that by the time I get back to work there might not be a job!!! I am finding it very hard to cope in a very busy world. I try not to get depressed but with no energy and not focusing properly until the afternoon it is hard to keep up with everyday tasks. We also would like to plan our annual trip but with this hanging over me it is impossible. Does anyone have any news that it might be over soon?? Thanks. SAS

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