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      Hi Shane,
      I would also like to read how you go with RAI. My doctor wants me to consider surgery or RAI. At this stage I am swaying towards RAI. Could you please let me know how you go after RAI, side effects (if any) and how you feel in general.

      Good luck for Friday

      Sydney Aust

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        The morning of my Rai i woke up with the obligatory headache. I felt pretty hyper the norm for me. After i took the pill nothing was different.The second day nothing seemed too change as well.
        I dont feel as speedy now but I am getting more emotional.
        somtimes i cant put my thoughts into words and my motor capacity i believe is impaired.Like when i walk around and bump into things.
        I dont have much of a choice, but to hang on and see what happens.
        I used to be such a laid back upbeat positive person.I’m swo darn grumpy now. any way if anything changes i would say its getting more intense. hopefully this will give soon.My wife gets upset with me at the moment but when she steps back she realizes its not really me.
        Shes my rock at this time.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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