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      Don’t know what to say. I guess I need some help here. I am feeling a wee bit in pain, throat is flaring up, eyes constantly watery and pain in the neck. Ah, skip the pain in the neck thing, I have that 24/7 anyways. Do I have a cold? Forgot how they feel.. Don’t get ordinary colds ya know.

      Here’s something: As I was going to school, I drove past a bird:pidgeon actually that was injured.I went back to the spot and found it limping on one wing. Brought it home and allowed it to stay in the back patio in a box. Now, here’s the interesting part: I have a chicken. She got up this morning and started squawking about the pidgeon.
      She’d go outside and yell, she’d come back to her nest and yell. By the time I took the pidgeon away, she stopped and started having huccups. She also was moaning for the longest time. What’s wrong with her? I think it’s her vocal chords, but I’m not sure. Any Veterinarians in the house?

      Oh, the gaseous anoms came back: had a BIG helping of GARLIC “PHEW!” a couple of days ago.

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