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      Hi Micheal and everyone on the board.

      I found this board about a year ago but then lost my internet access.

      I have had Graves for about four years. In that time I have had three
      blocks of treatment which has been anti-thyroid drugs supplemented with oral thyroxine.I take this for about a year and then stop.

      The first block failed, the second worked for six months then failed.
      I stopped the third block last June. However, the last tests showed decreasing TSH levels. At the moement my heart rate is 99 and its 2.00am.

      I know most of you are American. I am English. I would be interested if anyone has the same style of treatment(anti-thyroid + Thyroxine at the same time).

      I am also a male and Micheal is the only other male I have encountered with Graves.

      Relationships, Hmmm.

      I met my girlfriend when I was 17 and didnt fall ill until I was 24.
      She is also a nurse which helps her understand. The last few years have been the most trying which is probably due to me.

      Thats all for now,


        Post count: 93172

        Hi, Justin:

        There was a Japanese study a few years ago, that suggested that the chances for remission with antithyroid meds could be enhanced if thyroxine was also given at the same time. Lately, I’ve encountered articles here in the U.S. which indicate that there have been serious questions raised about whether it really works or not. It’s part of the scientific process where a test situation can show something, but real-life, or subsequent studies cannot reproduce the results, so the theory has to be either discarded or reevaluated. I don’t know what the current status of this theory is, but a few people on this board seem to have had this treatment.


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