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      talking about passing out? lets see….i cant go to church no more because its too hot in there and i pass out.
      grocery shopping was a no no because i got too hot and had to sit down.
      the main thing i do now is if i get to the feeling where im going to black out i sit down and drink something to cool me off. i carry drinks with me wherever i go.
      im glad i have supportive parents that took me back into their household because im a very nervous and jumpy person. they dont say no when i want to borrow the car. they dont say no whenever i want to go out with my friend because they know my nerves get the better of me and i have to keep going.
      i consider myself very fortunate to have my family.
      i hope you feel better soon!

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        Hello there! Thanks so much for all the advice! I’m at work right now so I
        have to make this short. I feel all jumpy and wired and my hands are
        shaking. This is all making work really hard!

        Julie: What is a thyroid storm? What happened to you?

        Jeanette/Steve: My doctor has not prescribed anything for me. She said
        she would look into it but I haven’t heard from her in
        a couple of days.

        I don’t want to have to feel this way for the next month and a half. I
        think I’ll call my PCP tomorrow and see what can be done. There are so
        many doctors here in New York City, I could always try another Endo.

        Thanks for all of the advice guys — I have been trying to figure out what
        is wrong with me for months now — I still feel terrible though!

        Have any of you ever passed out when you’ve gotten too warm? It happens
        to me a lot now — close to fainting spells where I black out and can’t
        hear. It happens a lot on the subway.

        Thanks again.


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