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      Sounds as though your very hyper (your thyroid is extremely overactive).
      *I would try to see an endo/ specialist ASAP.*
      I was informed by a doctor on my campus that I had a thyroid condition,
      and he said there was no rush either.. I ended up having a massive
      Thyroid Storm a day later and nearly died.. so YES – see an endo
      immediately. Try not to panic. Any questions.. please e-mail me.

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        Yes, so they tell you to wait to see an endo well you might have to
        but in the mean while if your heart pulse gets to out of range and you find
        you are really hyper and need a good fix , ask your gp if he could put you on beta blockers
        to slow things down.This will relax you until you see an endo.

        take care, steve

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          Dear Kiersten (can’t see your name right now, hope I spelled it right)

          I was intially asked to wait over a month to see endo the 1st time, and this worried me.
          I was about to call and plead when apparently the referral from the GP crossed his desk and it included my
          blood tests. The endo CALLED ME and got me in that week. And I am so glad I got this busy but great doc.
          Has your GP already sent info to the doc? Make sure you are on the
          wait list for cancelled appts, too. Get a copy of all your blood work,
          if you wind up going to a different doc you want to have it with you.
          Stop by the GP and ask for a copy( it is yours).

          AND now, don’t panic. Avoid iodized salt and fish and kelp, so you don’t stir up
          the gland. Don’t eat red food color. And know that although GD is difficult it is not impossible.
          And Steve is right, did you get beta blockers from the GP?

          Take care. Jeannette

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            Dear Kiersten: Had the same problem a week ago. Newly diagnosed and scared. Many
            wonderful people here responded and gave support and love. Called the
            endo’s office and said if I couldn’t have a earlier appointment I’d
            shop around for a different doc. Guess what? Had appointment last Monday.
            Started me on PTU. Fel calmer and more energetic already. Also feel proud
            of me for getting what I want. I don’t think we should have to wait around
            for a month or more in discomfort or confusion, just because docs are busy.
            Look around, find another one if you can’t get and earier appointment.
            You deserve the best, and you deserve nopt to be in discomfort.

            Anyone out there can tell me what normal TSH is? Thanks.

            And thanks again to all of you who responded and reminded me to stay calm and
            pray! Love and light and blessings to all, Sharon

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