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      To Ellen…I’m one of the few who can claim remisssion…at least for now. I still have hot flashes and sweats but I’m told it’s menopause related…delightful…
      I pray to stay OK but will have labs checked in 2 months….current dose is .125mg…current TSH is 1.68…feeling pretty good HOWEVER…

      To Liz…I’m having a heck of a time with the weight issue myself…It’s always been a problem for me, but manageable…now the weight just feels like it’s oozing on…and my fingers are swollen like it’s fluid retention related. I HATE feeling so FAT! And I don’t really like to “work out”, but I have to change that attitude somehow. I either sit at work or in meetings or at this computer or at the dinner table…too much sitting. I sure am lazy in my old age here @ 48…I sure wish remission for everybody with GD. You can feel better, at least for awhile…we’ll see how long this well-being lasts… Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…I am so thankful for this BB and all the sharing thru the good and the bad times.

      For Debby Jass…I’ll be visiting your home page next…

      For Dianne N…I love spending time on your home page with all the trememdous resources…It’s no wonder I have no time to post theses days…We’ll talk more via E-mail and Sunday CHATS…

      For Bruce…I hope you’re doing well post op..

      For Jake…big hugs for everything!

      Love, Rachel

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        hey bruce i hope your feeling better,

        question ? why am i losing weight after rai does that make sence

        get well my friend, steve

        my car did a 360 on the ice last
        night and i almost ended it all there was alot of snow & ice on
        the roads beta blockers couldn’t help my heart in this manner.


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          Don’t know about the weight thing, Steve unless the thyroid is still high a bit after the RAI.

          I’m with the rest of the group, about 10-15 pounds heavier than I used to be and can’t get rid of it. Really sucks rock climbing to have to haul up that weight with me.

          Eyes were really sore yesterday, but seems to be better today. I drove for the first time in many years with two eyes, how cool!

          Sounds like fun doing 360s on ice, as long as nothings in the way!


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            Ahah! Now that I have become involved in ohh.. 3 or 4 lists for
            various hobbies, I finally find one for GD!
            Actually, we’re celebrating this weekend-I finally went Hypo!I found out Friday.
            (Stop Gasping in shock)Another month or two of hyper would have meant another RAI!) Actually,
            I went so far Hypo as to nearly be unmeasurable. Course, After a month
            of weight gain )I was already 230 on my 5’1 frame thank you. :/ ) Now 250. SIGH
            Let’s see, Severe lower leg/foot muscle cramps at 5am, and, Dang, I know I used
            to be able to walk around longer than this. I kept telling myself, Lord, I HOPE
            this means I’m going Hypo finally-Phew, it did. Doctor put me on Levo Right away (50 mcg)
            and off the beta blocker and PTU. (well, I ran out of the PTU 2 wks ago anyhow.)

            Who is this crazy person? Allow me to introduce myself,
            Name is Dawn-I teach Kindergarten, Known to be a scatterbrained optimist,
            (it’s downright disgusting I tell you) I’m 31, married, I would like to have
            kids someday.. (gotta get the weight down and ole thyroid functioning correctly first)
            I figured, Since PTU seems to have more side effects than Synthetic thyroid med, and either
            way I’m on a med for life, I’ll take the one that mimics normal function thank you.
            A good friend said via email (after I finished complaining-Paul! I feel old, either way I’m
            gonna be one this or that for life!!! Hey, I just turned 30 then, whaddya expect? He just
            wrote back. “It’s annoying to find out we’re mortal isn’t it. ;> ”

            As for the Graves, I wish I found out about this place (and Hypo stuff sooner!) As I’ve been
            figuring the Leg cramps, and Muscle pulls/weakness, and the 20 pound gain were due to thyroid
            but, didn’t know for sure until I read the hypo symptoms finally. (Doc said, yep, thyroid. in answer
            to my query. Poor man, BOTH of his Med Assists are out ill-Had to have been our fastest visit yet!)
            Actually, reading a hypo symptom list somewhere, I realized, Geee, all of those sound like me!
            ANN, Loved the poem, I gotta go back and save that. ;> hehehehehehe
            I also realized reading through these posts, Okay Dawn, NOW YOU GOTTA really watch the diet!! (sigh-
            I just got used to no coffee and no chocolate-sigh-okay-I had a crunch bar today-but, other than that
            it’s been awhile) Eye probs? me? hehe, Runs in the family, we all die nearlyblind with Glacoma somewhen
            in our 80’s. No double vision, or the other stuff I’ve seen here. (personally, I am Astigmatic/nearsighted-so
            a different animal all together) Oh, grandma is Hypo, has been since she was 40. NOT that she told anyone. Grrr
            UNtil I informed the family of my Graves. (shoot grandma) Well, I need to go huddle under some blankies with my
            dinner and a book to warm up my feet and hands.. and the rest of me. I’ve rambled on enough for now.
            I have some lovely doctor stories– (not my current one-Him I like. ;>, if that tells you anything. ;D)

            Huggers, Especially to Jake! Dawn

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