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      hi sherette:

      glad to know you’re better. i never had heartburn until just recently
      (had gd since 1990) but i also take prilosec for stomach problems. haven’t
      it on a regular basis lately because i take so much other ‘STUFF’. it
      was just strange that it appeared all of a sudden. i think i’ve had all
      of the other symptoms of gd. anyway just another mountain to climb and
      boy are we climbers? thanks for the info!


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        Good Morning Kitty:

        I never had heartburn until this diease. I had a upper GI which came
        back normal. I have seen a GI doctor who put me on prilosec. He told
        me that my heartburn was probably due to me being hypo. I also had
        nausea and a loss of appetite. I also losted weight. The prilosec helped.
        controlled the nausea and the heartburn. I finally got a normal thyroid
        blood test reading just 3 weeks ago. I have gained weight, my appetite
        is up and the nausea and the heartburn is gone.

        I hope this will be an encouragement to you.


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          Hi All,

          Found something interesting the other day.. Came accross a “health” page
          that allowed you to do searches on various pharmacutial (sp) drugs.. So
          I typed in Levo. (I can never spell the rest) I got a nice list for the synthet
          thryoid. I pulled it up and discovered that you should NOT take “levo….”
          around the same time as Iron products or various products with aluminum.
          (ie: my morning routine of a small swig of pepto bismo went good bye…..)
          I almost tend to feel better if I take the Levo later in the day however..

          Just thought this was interesting.. I remembered to try not to eat for an
          hour or so.. etc..

          Huggers! (I’ll see if I can refind the place if anyone is interested)


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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