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      well i got rai done and they say in 6 months i will be fine
      in the mean while i cant do most of what life has to offer
      because of my heart the doctors dont listen to your problems
      they put me on beta blockers and other drugs to make me relax
      im 33yrs and want to get on with my life,hang in there and try
      to relax because the beats will get worse.get rai now dont wait.

      thanks steve ottawa

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        I recently upped my dose of atenolol to 100 mg a day. Last night I took a
        bath, I felt so stressed out! I had just taken a 50mg dose. My heart
        started going crazy. It was so fast and so loud I could hear it echo in
        the bathroom. I really thought this was it, I live alone and didn’t really
        have anyone to call at the time. I considered calling 911, but eventually
        was able to go to sleep. I’m scheduled for RAI on Nov 25.
        any advice on the fast heartrate?

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          I’m another me too. Only in my case I also have low blood pressure and
          a prolapsed mitral valve. So, the cardiologist is taking care of the
          rapid heartbeat. I always take 37 1/2 mg atenolol, but now I take
          200mg. Maybe you need to up the dose. My cardio says as long as my
          systolic (the upper number) doesn’t go below 80 I can take what I need.
          It also helps so much with the tremors.

          I’m doing the PTU. Today is day 15 and I finally feel better!
          Good luck! -Donna

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