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      Hi Coco,
      Yes, we are both grateful his was not as bad either……he’d have looked pretty funny headless! LOL!!! Seriously, if he had waited one more day(I had told him to call on Wednesday and the knuckle-dragger waited until Friday!), he would have had a very nasty surgery that might have reminded him to listen when his wise wife tells him something.
      Trying to nurse him back to health, feeding him his daily dose of ice cream(he must have his calcium!)and rubbing his legs and feet.

      Take care,
      Online Facilitator and the Knuckle-dragger’s wife,

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        I was diagnosed and put on meds about 8 weeks ago. I am feeling pretty much back to normal. So the PTU seems to be working very well for me. I was just wondering how long most of you have had to stay on the meds and also can the Hyper return again later. If so, whats the average time length for the Hyper to return.

        Just curious,

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          Hey everyone. Today is a good day. It’s nice to have them huh?

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            Hi Tyler,

            It IS nice to have good days ~ and it’s especially nice of you to let us all know you’re having one! (Particularly for those who are still wondering whether there are any in their future…)

            I’ve felt more good than not for the past couple of years, so take heart, all of you who are still struggling! Better days are on your horizon, I promise!

            Happy Friday, everyone PAMPER YOURSELF this weekend and enjoy!

            NGDF Assistant Online Facilitator

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