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      Kudos to Jeannette and Bruce. This is above all a support group.

      Not having been here very long, I’ve found it to be an invaluable personal resource and the dialogue of late has had me a bit confused. Again, this is a very personal, individual disease. Not any one person is affected the same is another, and consequently our different views would reflect that.

      I hope that if I were to share an experience or view that may prove unconventional that it would fall upon receptive, open-minded ears.

      Best Regards,


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        Thank you Bruce!!

        As entrophy is ever with us…the tendency for things to become ever more chaotic and disorganized…we need to periodically renew our
        purpose and the guidelines that will help us achieve our actual goals.

        I don’t know how your folks internet servers work, but when I go from one message to the next it takes time. Sometimes I scroll through three one liners from the same person…and wish they had been put together in one post. Just a suggestion. If we post something personal…and I think that is great…how about all the congratulations
        or “too bads” being posted via e-mail, unless they will significantly enhance others as well? We can all use a joke, or the info, but the things that have singular meaning might be best addressed when possible to the person in question, or as a part of a larger post which has something in it for others.

        And then there is respect and the expectation that those of us of many walks of life will come to share here. I have not experienced anyone
        “thumping”. We all can only share what we have. Some of us may have more than others…and therefore should consider being more generous with those who have not. I hope no one has been chased away.
        It is hard to listen to your critics…but I experience that they sometimes have more to teach me than the folks with whom I am most comfortable. Let’s renew our intent to mean well for each other.
        Perhaps some of our posts were more offensive than the ones that got jumped on… and everyone was just too kind to stress us out.
        …let’s not be an exclusive club… our common plight should teach us, we really do need each other. The uniqueness of what each of you can share is valuable to me. I hope no one goes away discouraged or hurt.

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          Well well well,

          I was wondering how long it would be before someone brought up no comment again.
          I do happen to know who no comment is and I do know that no malicious intent
          was intended. I do also know that due to the negative posts (which we all have
          a tendancy to do once in awhile) we have lost alot of ground. We should be able
          to post with out being attacked in return. Lets let it rest and get back to
          providing support to each other. I will have further comments or posts regarding
          no comment removed from the BB and in the past year I have only had to remove a
          few posts due to content or misinformation that could have hurt someone. We at
          the conference talked about this at lenght and lets leave this BB a place to have
          our say and provide help.


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            Thank you Bruce. It’s good yo have a moderator!

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              I feel totally ready to blow! I’m almost 2 weeks post RAI, am back at work, but not yet on replacement hormones. I’m a computer tech & my job is high stress (physically & mentally). I’m on my feet all day. I’m stuggling to lift equipment that I had no problems with a year ago. I always feel on the verge of a meltdown (and have had a few). I even find that as the day goes on I have trouble climbing up and down stairs. My job also requires a lot of “after hours” work to fix servers & other equipment that can’t be taken down during the day. In my 1st 4 days back at work, I’ve had to stay late for after hours work 2 different times. I’m getting to the point where I’m afraid to drive home at the end of the day because I’m so tired.

              I’m frustrated because I feel like I’ve given up my personal life. I’m way too tired to do anything on weekday evenings and have (temporarily) given up choir & many of the things that give me pleasure. On Saturdays I usually end up taking 2-3 naps as I wear myself out just trying to take care of myself & my home. I know it will get better, but I’m feeling very impatient. I want my life back!

              I guess that I just need to know that things will get better.

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                Hi, Molly:

                It really does get better, completely better in the lion’s share of cases. But it takes LOTS more time than we want it to take. It isn’t just getting the RAI, or having the surgery, or starting meds. It isn’t even just getting back to normal levels of thyroid hormone (which you probably have NOT achieved yet.) Our bodies have to have time at normal levels of hormone to HEAL. Would you expect someone who had broken their legs two weeks ago to be jumping on a pogo stick already? Well, we cannot see what’s been “broken” inside necessarily, and those things usually DO heal, but it takes time. You are having trouble lifting things, walking up and down stairs because you lost muscle mass while you had too much thyroid hormone. It takes time for that muscle mass to return, and even then we have to exercise it for a while before it becomes strong again. And you are tired because all of your body has been overworking for so long. You DO need to schedule a bit more down-time for you body right now. It will not last forever, but right now, you are still sick.

                I know that is not what you wanted to hear exactly. I found though that looking for “progress” rather than expecting “normal” too soon, helped me to cope with the days you are going through right now.

                Hoping that you feel your normal self very soon,
                Bobbi — NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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                  I feel for your desparately….and am curious to see how you progress. How long between when you were diagnosed and when you had RAI??
                  My prayers are with you….

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