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      I’m getting some sketchy information regarding radioactive fallout in the state of Washington during the 40’s and 50’s while the US military were refining Plutonium in the area. My father was stationed there and has been put on a “list” of those exposed during manoevers. This is just coming out and, as I’ve posted earlier on this BB, I was diagnosed with GD in February ’96. My sister was diagnosed with Hypothyroid in March. We were both born in the 60’s, after Dad’s exposure. The VA hospital in the U.P. of Michigan had Dad in for tests of all sorts and asked him a bunch of questions about any children born after his exposure. I’m not sure even what he said to them (Dad’s quite old and forgets things) but I was wondering what, if any, sort of case historys were being put together by the NGDF or other Thyroid Disease foundations. Mom did send me a very vague explaination put out by the “Hanford Project” people, but I don’t expect much help from them as they are funded by, guess who…. the US Governement. Living here in New Zealand (a nuclear free country, I might add) I’m feeling a bit out of touch, so if anyone has heard of any research going on about this, I would really appreciate it. By the way, the radioactive fallout was Iodine 131 in a very crude form and Dad has not shown any form of Thyroid Cancer.

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