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      Thanks Jennifer. I guess I’m not scared now but I am not looking forward to another series of treatments which also means my husband has to rearrange his schedule to take me and wait. I am very lucky he is so supportive and also that he likes doing crosswords, which he does in the car while he waits. I have a perscription to fill for Prednisone to take a week before and until about a month after. I am not looking forward to that because when I had it intraveniously it made me feel awfully sick. Did you have to take it. Will I be able to go to work during those two weeks? I guess maybe it will just add to my constant tiredness and be another thing I will handle one day at a time. I go on Tuesday for my first interview. I can’t believe how fed up and angry (inside) I am getting with all these appointments especially since I don’t seem to be getting any better. It is a beautiful sunny day out here on the West Coast and I think we should take our new little dog for a walk and appreciate the finer things in life. Right! Thanks again. SAS

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