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      Good morning all!!!

      Hope this morning finds you all well and happy. I have changed my e-mail
      address to Please make a note of it. I have done
      this so I can access my mail when I am on the road which I am once in a while.

      I have been remiss in wishing all our friends who look to us for support, an
      ear or a shoulder to cry upon. I know we have people of many nationalitites who
      check into the BB and I wish you Happy Holidays. Take the day to relax if you
      can and reflect on how good life has been and how good it will be again. We took
      Dianne’s advice and said the heck with all the trappings. I baked some cookies
      put up a tree and my son did the outdoor decorations. My wife had hand surgery
      and just had the stitches removed yesterday so me and the boy did it all. Boy
      do I respect what my wife does every year to make Christmas special. What didn’t
      get done was put back in the decoration boxes and put away for next year.

      But then I am like the folks in Whosville who were still happy on Christmas morning
      after the Grinch stole everything. I am happy for the reason for the season not the
      trappings. I have lived all over the world and have celibrated many holidays in
      different countries and enjoyed them all. I guess being raised as a Lutheran and
      Native American makes one more open to other religions and their holidays. So from
      my family to yours we wish you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas for those who
      celibrate it. I looked up a Souix saying last night that would have been good for
      this message but for the life of me I can’t remember it.

      I wish you peace
      Jake George
      On-line Facilitator
      National Graves Disease Foundation

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