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      Hi, Birthday Girl!

      I did the 50 thing four years ago and it’s really not bad at all.
      I have absolutely no desire to re-do the past 30 years. Wouldn’t
      change a thing — just wouldn’t want to do the whole thing again.
      At this age I can do my own thing and no longer worry about what
      anyone else thinks about the way I live my life. It’s truly a
      liberating experience. Have a happy birthday and may you have many,
      many more. After all, the alternative to no birthdays at all is
      simply not very inviting. :}

      Happy Birthday,


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        Hi Lynn, Happy Happy Birthday to a fellow Canadian and a fellow Leo.

        I only hope I’m not too late as you are probably out celebrating by now. We are three hours behind you so it’s only 7:42 here.

        I’ll be 55 on August 21st. My best friend’s mother told me years ago that the 50’s are the best years of your life. I scoffed at the time however from when I turned 50 until I was hit with this Graves Eye disease last year I found she was right. The eye disease will eventually go away and there will be many many more years to enjoy and I am looking forward to it – you should too.

        Hope you are having/had a great day. Take care. SAS

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          Thank you everyone for all the best wishes
          and e-mails and beautiful cyber-cards!!!
          Just one more reason why the people on
          this BB are the BEST!!!
          My kids had me over for dinner and a party tonight
          which was great and My in-laws are taking me out for
          dinner tomorrow night, So I am having a Great Birthday.
          Thanks again
          LUV Lynnthe PB from Toronto.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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