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      The thing about my endo is that I rarely see “her”. I see her assistant and get rotated. 1 – assistant 2 – assistant then by the 3 visit – the BIG WIG endo. I was disappointed with their flip flop on how I was feeling. They didn’t seem to care. Which makes me really hesitate to call them and do it over the phone. Person to Person got me a lot farther with my regular doctor (who is fabulous) so…. I will definitely see what my options are. If I don’t need this cytomel and just go back to levoxyl…. I don’t care. At this point, I would rather feel healthy then worry about my weight. Ya know? I am just trying to keep a positive mindset with my EKG being normal, 24hr monitor being normal, blood pressure being normal, and just one more test to come at the end of the month and that’s an ultrasound on my chest. It’ll be interesting. I betcha that’ll come back normal and I’ll be stressing for nothing ^_^ I just wish my heart rate would come down a little faster. I used to have a resting heart rate of about 70 and the EKG put me at 82. So, I wonder if that’ll come down too. Any feedback on your end meme?

        Post count: 93172

        I totally understand what your going threw. If all the tests come back normal than they assume that you should be ok. WRONG..whats normal for 100 people may not be normal for you. And the doctors are so busy I feel like Im hearded in like cattle at times! maybe when you talk to him if your taken off the cytomel and don’t feel better, if its the cytomel you will feel better within a week, but if its not do you think it could be anxiety? I’ve noticed when my hormones are out of wack from my thyroid I will get anxiety problems because its all hormone related!!! One drug I found to help is Buspar, there are few side effects and they are not ssri’s. I had no side effects at all with the buspar, everyone is different but if everything come back normal you may want to try it because its not in your head, hormones do crazy things. And if something is off your body will tell you by the symptoms.

        I went threw a really hard time afew years back and no doctor could help me, everything came back normal, that was before my graves, but looking back I had graves symptoms they just hadnt come out in my lab tests yet. I was put on buspar and noticed the symptoms that would come out no nowhere went away for the most part. So the buspar helped, i guess you could say it masked the symptoms which helped but two years later I had full blown graves. Are you stressed at all? The thing that gets me is some of these drugs help some but the medical community hasnt found out what is causing the real problems.

        I remember a friend of mine complained years ago about aches and pains and the doctors blew her off … they found out its called fibromylgia, so see they don’t have all the answers. Dont feel like its all in your head. It will be interesting to see if the cytomel is making you feel this way. Maybe its helped regulate your body and now you don’t need it. Talk to your doc. There are options, its a long road but youll get there! Let me know what the doc says.

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