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      Barb, I know how you feel. BUT your perm probably won’t stay when you get the radiation. Mine wouldn’t hold a perm and got thin, wouldn’t curl or do much of anything except I could still get it colored. Actually it was much like the hair problems discussed after RAI. Have you thought of getting a short (really short) cut that doesn’t need anything done to it. I finally went that route a couple of weeks ago after getting tired of battling mine. Everyone says how cute it looks. I think it’s awful, but it sure is easy and with the heat and humidity I don’t mind not having to “fix” it. Just another phase to ride out. When my head will take it – I will have another perm. Good luck with your radiation. I hope it does good things for your eyes.

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        NEVER MIND HUBBY !!!
        Do it , tell him that you NEEEEEEED this SOOOOOO bad !!!
        ( =

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          Hi Barb!

          I had the eye radiation last year. I glanced over the
          radiation literature that I had recieved at that time.
          It didn’t say anything about not getting a perm! :)
          I even called them up and the lady said “oh sure go ahead
          and get the perm”.

          When in doubt give them a call and make sure you bet with
          your husband so you can collect enough to leave the hair
          dresser a good tip~! LOL

          Michele B.

          P.S. I would have freaked if I had thought that they could
          have possibly messed with my hair! yikes!

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