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      Hi Everyone – I haven’t been on here for so long and need to get caught up. Just read Gwen’s post on the BB and she is the one who told me about this wonderful doctor in Phil. Before I found Gwen and consequently found her Dr. my left eye progressed so fast that it became permanently in a locked down position and will not move at all. Then my right eye began to do the same thing. At that point I went to Philadelphia last July and had the radiation treatments to stop the antibodies from attacking those muscles. I had no side effects, no pain – maybe a little more dryness. The important thing is that my right eye immedately stopped from progressing and now 5 mos. later my eyes are considered stabilized enough to have surgery in Jan. and I’ll go back to Phil. to Will’s Eye Hospital for that. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have the radiation soon enough (they don’t do it in my state – Ohio) the surgery on my left eye will be extensive – orbital decompression, strabismus and relief of swelling under the eyes. My right eye will have to be modified later so that at least looking straight ahead I hopefully will have normal vision again.
      I’m thankful to have found this option and grateful for this BB and my friend, Gwen.
      Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone and let’s hope 1998 is a good one for all of us. And Shannon – you are in my prayers.


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