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      I too have Graves. I have 6 kids, one is in heaven with God, and a wonderful husband. I started having symptoms in February of this year and since everything hit me at one time, I can’t do anything. All I’m able to do is sit in my chair at my cumputer and watch my younger two kids during the day. When my older three get home from school, I help them with their homework. I can’t clean the house or cook or do laundry. I can’t do anything I used to do. Mike works all day at a stressful job, comes home, makes dinner, does the laundry and cleans the house and gets the kids in bed. Then he has to help me up the stairs to bed. If you think your wife is hot tempered you should see me. Why Mike has stayed with me I’ll never know. We haven’t had sex since this all started. Lord knows I want to but my body doesn’t cooperate. The Lord blessed me with a wonderful man. Yes he does snap back at me now and then. This disease is so devastating to the entire family. I know how you feel and so does Mike. If you ever need a man to talk with please feel free to e-mail him at Maybe you two can start a club for spouses. You spouses need as much support as we Grave Warriars do. God Bless you and your wife. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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        Hi paul…. Dont give up, give the med’s time to work. Things will get
        better. Your wife sounds alot like I was. I was out of control. My
        husband could not do ANYTHING right. Well it wasnt just him it was
        everyone. Man poor guy.. I look back.. I have no idea how he lived
        through the nightmare he had to live through. I was such a #@$%&. I
        didnt like myself and it was like I didnt like anyone else either.
        I was just wrapped soooo tight.. I’m sure that all sound’s like so lame
        excuse to you but, it is true. Graves’ is a so hard to understand because
        most of us dont look sick.. maybe under weight but, not sick. But we
        are.. graves’ effects everythings.. heart, muscles and thinking..well so
        much more. Any way I just wanted to tell you things will get better but,
        not over night. And my husband made it through. And now he can take one
        look at me and know I’m having a bad day.. and my levels must be off.. he
        just stay’s way. It still happens, but it’s no longer an every day thing.
        Learn all you can and find a way to vent.. come to the BB or email me or
        some. But please ride it out.

        just my two cents… Lori

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          Hey Paul, are we married? Or maybe your wife is a twin that wasy separated from me at birth. As you can tell from all the posts responding to your plea, your wife’s behavior is par for the course. Hang in there, to paraphrase Arnold Swartznegger….”She’ll be back!”

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            Gee, I like that name. Hee!

            I just thought I’d put my little speel in this and say that I agree wholeheartly with Glynis because my wife had to put up with me. I was living with this disease for two years and my doctor missed this disease completely.

            Christ does give us the Hope, and Life that we all want. Hang in there because you will see better things lie ahead. Jesus Christ does not give us any more than we can handle. I amliving proof of that.


            PAUL K.

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              Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your wife’s problems are TEMPORARY. I met a man and started having a wonderful relationship a few months before my Graves diseases symptoms got really bad. He ended up leaving me in the middle of my having symptoms. In many ways, I can’t blame him – I couldn’t bear to be with myself – how could anyone else bear to be with me? A year later, however, I have no more symptoms and have returned to the normal, loving, kind person that I always was… and I know that my ex regrets leaving. I’m know you love your wife but I’m sure it’s almost impossible for you to live with her. TRUST ME, PLEASE – if she’s on the medication now it’ll just be a few more weeks of torture for you before things get better. Please, remember that her Graves disease is a test of YOUR strength also. If you can help her win the battle over Graves you’re going to be stronger in the end as well. Corny? Maybe. But being someone who was abandoned during Graves, I can tell you that my ex showed his WEAKNESS to me by leaving… so I’m better off without him! :-) Hang in there… things do get better. Best wishes, Kass

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