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      Hi Paula

      I hear you! A year ago I was absolutely convinced that I was either dying because of all the weird symptoms I was experiencing, or else going crazy. At one point I even started writing my own eulogy! Then when I finally got to the dr. and they ran all the tests, everything was “normal” at that point. It took 3 more months and going into atrial fibrillation before they were finally able to figure it out.

      It will take time, but it will get better! Be patient and hang in there!


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        I was going to respond to your earlier post re:palpitations, but read
        on and decided to respond to this one instead. I had the RAI 2 weeks ago now
        and although I had palpitations as one of my primary symptoms pre-diagnosis, they actually seemed
        to be getting worse since the treatment. I actually find myself counting down the time until
        my next beta blocker, which don’t seem to be working as well as they did. But I’m waiting it out, figuring
        my poor thyroid is dying and that’s causing a chain reaction. I have certainly had all the other symptoms you’ve
        described-and mood swings??? I got mad at my boyfriend yesterday(he has been extremely supportive through out this
        whole ordeal)but yesterday, he was complaining about having to do the lawn(it’s an enormous lawn, full of hills
        and we don’t have a riding mower). So I got into my best “I’ll show him attitude”and when he left
        to go cool off, I commenced mowing.Big mistake, boy-have I paid for it since. Palpitations, pressure in my chest-and
        since I have no strength in my arm/leg muscles, I was pushing with my body. What a sight I must
        have been-so I filed that under “things not to do again”-at least
        until I am really and truly better. Sorry I don’t have a light at the end
        of the tunnel story, but hopefully a story from someone caught in the tunnel traffic with you will help-
        Good luck-

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          Welcome to the world of graves disease, Paula! No, it is not fun, but things honestly do get better with time. Apositive attitude helps immensly, along with a good sense of humor! These are the real keys to getting well!
          Please e-mail Jake or myself and we can give you info on starting a local support group in your area. We run one here and it has been a true god-send to people who thought they were losing their minds or to those who’s families didn’t understand or support them.
          Despite what you have said in your post I feel you do have a good outlook on things and that you will pull yourself up and manage to help others in the same situations! I wish you good luck and success with treating your graves and starting a support for others(and yourself!).

          JAN, NGDF

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