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      Hi Valerie,

      I just read your post to Jan. I remember when my eyes started the throbbing thing. It took a while for the first optho appt. I kept calling and calling my HMO complaining about the pain. I felt like such a jerk having to call and call. The nurse looked up the instructions for the eye problem and told me about the cold compresses, raising the bed, tylenol etc. Somehow their advice did not seem to help me resolve the pain thing.
      I was doing the “poor me” thing for quite a while and I sincerely beleive that I had a darn good reason!

      To make a long story short, as time went on they gave me a CAT scan, more examinations by specialists and off I was on the prednisone and eye radiation treatments.

      My eye exposure got bad and I found an understanding optho in Oct and he did the eye lid surgery in Nov.

      I am now under the impression that the eye radiation did help stop the progression of the eye disease. Granted 1997 was a rough year but now I am on my way to recovery!

      I wish I would have had an understanding optho right from the start but better late than never. I am not good with pain and that seemed to be the hardest thing for me to get them to understand.

      Good Luck,

      Michele B.

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        Valerie, my doctor wants me to take a drug for osteo along with estrogen and calcium supplements. I don’t remember the name of the drug he mentioned, but I do remember he was talking about side effects. What kind of side effects does your drug have? Since most of my problems now are from meds, I am not anxious to take any more.

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