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      Hi, I hope you are not diagnosing yourself as having “the eye disease”.
      Being hyper does things to the eyes….namely tension,elevation and
      retraction of the lids, the staring startled look, gritty irritated,
      wet-dry sensitive etc. Now this is being hyper… and not necessarily
      having graves eye disease. If soft tissue swelling of the eyelids
      starts ask your doctor about an eye doc who knows about graves.
      Double Vision is another go see the eye doc. But talk to your doc about
      the symptoms. And get some info to read. Lots of people have the Class I
      (the irritated described above eyes) symptoms and NEVER get the
      eye disease. Now if you have already been diagnosed and I haven’t seen that post, I hope you will
      forgive me, but it seems like you are reading about eyes and
      getting freaked because you have “hyper” eyes and are thinking it means you have graves
      eye disease. Hope you don’t. Take care. jeannette

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        hi jeanette and amee – i’m very confused about my eye problems. my symptoms are that i have a lot of swelling (especially in the morning and if i have drunk some wine – which i am trying not to do). my eyes are somewhat bloodshot and i had one incidence of a burst blood vessel in one eye. they are extremely watery and ache when i swivel them – sometimes quite a lot. however, they are not dry and scratchy and my eyelids don’t seem to have contracted – quite the opposite – because of the swelling – they seem much bigger and almost hooded. as for double vision – the other night when they were at their most tired and aching, i found it quite hard to focus. my endo tells me it’s nothing to worry about (ha!). but what do you guys think? i am now in a somewhat hypo phase and had the rai in dearly december. the swelling has only started since the rai and i put it down to water retention and general toxin problems – i mean my hands are really swollen in the morning. it worries me a lot and i’d really like to get to the bottom of it. should i go to an eye doctor or should i just wait for them to calm down as my endo tells me? i hate this

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          Thanks for the note and words of hope.

          I have been to 2 opths – both say I have Graves Eye Disease.
          My eyes are relatively protruded though not bulging. I see double
          half the day. The swelling is bad enough that I can BARELY get
          contact lens in and they fall right out my eye LOTS. I just keep
          trying to stretch every day that I can wear them because I’d rather
          wear my prisms over them. (Hoping I can water ski this summer & I
          ned my contacts to do it or I’m pretty “blind”.
          Current opth has recommended radiation and prednisone becaue I am
          active. (Endo said he’d like a second opinion.) So far he has also said
          he doesn’t think I’ll require orbital decompression, but probably will
          need surgery to correct double vision, lid retraction, and bags under
          the eyes. I go to Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA tomorrow and have
          scheduled radiation for Wed. in case I decide to go forward after

          So I know I could have it much worse, but I think I have it.

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