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      I have written many times on the BB about radiation to the eyes.I feel it saved me from years of heartache. I cannot do my regular speil right now . Please Email me by selecting my name. I will be glad to explain it all in detail. Good luck….Gwen

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        I have had radiation to my eyes. Twice. I’m not sure it would be a procedure I would do again.


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          Dear Debre:}
          Hi there how are you doing today,good we hope .I was wondering if you would either e-mail me or post here as to why you don’t think you would have the radiation treatments again,thanks ahead little warrior,Barb

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            I was also diagnosed with the eye disease. Did not go the steroid route
            because my endo, eye doc, family doc and I all did not like the side
            effects that are possible. I started the orbital radiation treatments at
            Stanford Hosipital (Palo Alto California) on July 6, 1998 and finished
            them on July 20, 1998. Postings by Gwen really helped me make the
            cecision to have this done. I found that the treatments were not bad at
            all. So far the side effects were 1) greatly increased sensitivity to
            sunlight, (sunglasses and clip-ons and a hat)which have worn off to just
            the clip-ons and the hat within a week of the last treatment. 2)skin
            easier to sunburn. I’m told that will wear off within 3 months. 3)TIRED.
            Well if I would go to bed on time! I really wanted to nap in the
            afternoons during the treatments. A week later I just yawn. 4)Swelling
            and puffyness around the eyes and on the sides(temples)of my head. One
            eye is down to almost normal in a week, the other may take a while. 5)
            Eyes and skin around them look almost bruised. I’m told this wears off

            Had an appointment with one of the doctors at Stanford on Friday (last
            treatment was Monday so 4 days later) and the eyes had receded 1 mm. :)
            Hope this helps.

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