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      Jocelyn and all GD warriors,

      Let me “intrigue” you.

      I am one of thoses persons who was on ATD long term (4.5 years). When
      I was initially diagnosed my endo strongly urged me to go the RAI route
      as my thyroid levels were grossly overactive. I went against his suggestion
      and choose ATD’s and have never regreted it. Fortunately
      I never experienced any side effects as many of you have.

      I have a new endo who is very open minded to options and alternatives.
      He had no problem with ATD’s long term but agreed that I should be
      monitored. I have made a few healthy lifestyle choices ie. better diet
      a great vitamin regimen and I work out a lot.

      In the four years with GD my need for ATD’s diminished significantly
      until my doctor suggested that I go off of ATD’s completely. For 4
      months I have been off with test results that couldn’t be any better.
      Would I go back on ATD’s should GD resurface? In a heartbeat!!

      I understand that everyone is different, one might react negativly to
      ATD, and should possibly choose other options. My opinion is that
      the body is trying to bring itself into balance by its very design and
      that there are things that we can do to help facilitate that.

      I appreciate the diversity of opinion on this BB and am also intrigued
      by the unique experiences that many of you have had.

      All the best in your GD conquest!!


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