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      The local support group meets usually at Barnes and Noble book store in Rochester Michigan , on Rochester road just north of Auburn road. For the Detroiters out there, I got an East sider West sider joke: On the East side, an outie is a belly button, on the West side, an Audi is a car. Happy New Year. Where is Tri Cities Michigan? Are you an East sider? <g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Karen  </g></p>


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        Thanks KarenB – I’m not that far from Rochester, MI
        Tri-Cities are Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, I’m in Saginaw area.

        This BB has overwhelmed me and left me speechless!! Very unusual,
        the speechless part – be thankful :-} SueC

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          Hi, I’m Renee in Maryland. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in
          October 96, but I feel I was at first Hypo for a few years. I’ve
          suffered from the dreaded rash, joint pain, Igor eyes and when I went
          Hyper, an approx. 40lb weight loss down to 95lbs from (at hypo last year
          140lbs. I also had an extreme chocolate milk addiction while Hyper.
          I had RAI in Nov, one month after my diagnosis, due to my allergic
          reaction to the medication I was taking for Hyper. Should I be waiting
          for the bomb to drop? Unfortunately I now have no insurance.

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            Jake, What is the e-mail address?

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              Just heard from a friend. His wife has a real jerk of an endo who
              doesn’t answer questions. She has racing heart, weight loss, and
              an uptake of 50% (15-30% normal). This is all very new to them. They
              just had their first child within the last few months and are
              questioning how to know if it’s post partum thyroiditis or Graves’.
              Endo is pushing RAI, but they don’t want to do that unless it
              definitely is Graves’.

              Since my babies are grown, I haven’t paid much attention to the
              post partum stuff. How do the docs know which it is?

              Also, they are questioning the difference between Tapazole and PTU.
              My doc said they were the same with a molecular difference (so how
              can they be the same????).

              They need some quick responses – I’ll pass the info to them.

              Thanks everyone!

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                I have just been dianosed with GD and would like to know about any alternative therapies, i.e. diet, exercise, etc. Does anyone out there have any new information for me? Please, I would like to know. Thanks. Sharon

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                  just got the word i have graves…got 2 opinions
                  don’t want drugs…looking for a natural cure
                  are naturopaths for real? any info would help.

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                    dave, sorry to hear the news, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the
                    drugs. a beta-blocker will let your heart rest – nothing to play with.
                    second – most synthetic drugs come from some herbal beginning. be
                    good to yourself – i had always exercised before in a hurried up way,
                    now i swim a mile a day and really take time out to be at peace.
                    i took this as a wake-up for a better and less stressful life. good

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                      I can’t urge you strongly enough to get adequate and traditional medical
                      treatment. There are 3 treatments, antithyroid medications, RAI, and
                      surgery. All are safe and effective. Untreated Graves can be fatal.
                      There are also some positive effects from alternative therapies, but
                      they should not be used in place of effective safe treatment we are
                      lucky to have.
                      From one who should know. 44 years with GD and STILL counting.
                      Don’t worry (anxiety is a symptom of hyperthyroidism).
                      As much as I complain about specific situations, life has been very
                      good to me. I was not expected to live past 12 and the last 44 years
                      HAVE been a gift.
                      Get treatment, put it behind you and enjoy the rest of your life.
                      Of course, I’m in a great mood today ‘cuz I landed TWO jobs!
                      Hooray for Joan!
                      Rah! Rah!
                      … And good luck! Keep in touch.

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