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      Hi, Teena:

      I am really sorry to hear that the remission didn’t hold for you.

      About your question regarding using herbs and vitamins to control your level of thyroid hormone: NO. Emphatically, no. This is not to say that if you search hard enough (and maybe not even that hard) you couldn’t find someone on the web, or in some shop, who will tell you that all you have to do is take a certain herbal mix, or vitamin shake, and it will cure you. There are lots of people like that out there. But they don’t have PROOF — verifiable proof that YOU will be able to check out for yourself. This is also not to say that there might not actually BE something out there that could work, either. But there isn’t anything herbal that has been TESTED yet, SCIENTIFICALLY, and demonstrated to work to lower our thyroid hormone levels.

      I always feel that there is an assumption behind this question, too, Teena. That assumption is that the herbs, vitamins are somehow safe because they occur naturally in the world. Or maybe that because they are “natural” they won’t have side effect issues like the drugs or other treatments. This is not true. Herbs can be deadly or beneficial just like anything else. Like our modern medicines, some herbs have helpful, therapeutic effects in some doses, but nasty side effects in other dosages, or in combination with other herbs. Research on herbs/plants have led to the manufacture of medicines. Vitamins can have adverse effects if we take too much of the wrong kind. My doctor was warning me about tripling up on Vitamin D the other day (calcium pills, multi-vitamin, foods I’m eating, natural sunlight….)

      Anyway, I know that there are plusses and minusses to the treatment options we do have available to us, but they DO work to make us healthy again, and that, Teena, is what is important. Hyperthyroidism is dangerous, long-term, to our health, quality of life, and very survival. We need to choose from the treatments that are known to work.

      Wishing you good luck, and good health soon.

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