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      Hi Kelly,
      We used to live in Rockford, IL. till Jan 97. So I went to the hospital and clinic there at the U of Wisconsin in Madison (great town!).
      I think is a great idea to wait and see how your body responds to PTU. I was tired when I got on PTU, but as you said, is hard to tell because every thing, including pregnancy and going back to work, happen at the same time. But I tell you one thing, I gave up working because it was frustating to be tired every day, and not having energy to play with 18 month son after work. I was working 6 hours a day only and I lasted 4 months. But I also think that being tired is part of graves disease. At least for me. Eventhough I have been off PTU for 5 yrs., if I don’t get 8 hrs. of sleep a night or my kids wake me up in the middle of the night, I am very tired in the afternoon. If I take an afternoon nap I feel real good. Don’t feel guilty for taking naps. Resting is the best medicine. Good luck to you.
      Denise E.

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