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      I do hate to hear it. I just keep hearing about people who are never told about the whole history of their disease. You Doctor obviously never sat down and said you have GD, you’re hypo, but do you ever remember having these hyperthyroid symptoms, bla bla bla? That may be how a lot of people think that this disease can start as hypo. Their doctors never tell them different. They just say GD and send them on their way, and never tell them that they were hyper in the past.

      I’m curious how your doctor made the diagnosis of GD, but then said the chicken and the egg thing. Something obviously led him to the conclusion of GD. That’s probably what you need to find out. Both diseases have antibodies that somethimes linger around for a long time, but both are different an can easily be identified. Then again, they may not still be there. But there are a lot of thyroid problems that lead to hypoactivity. Alot.

      As far as knowing which one, it probably is good just for your own piece of sanity. You probably would feel better if you knew which one. However, since they all lead to the same outcome and typically the same treatment, I really can’t imagine a medical reason to know. But there are different problems. Consult your doctor, and let him know that you want to know. That’s why you pay them the big bucks (or your insurance does!)

      Good Luck,

      PS- thanks for the support

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