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      See, you answered something else!! Now when I go to the new endo,
      I won’t sound so misinformed – thanks! I just thought Graves was
      Graves! Anyway, still thinking that hyper was present way back when.
      5’8″ and 115 lbs isn’t a pretty picture unless you’re on a runway!


        Post count: 93172

        Wasn’t until I developed “Thyroid Eye Disease” that Graves was even
        mentioned. Family Dr thought the tearing and swelling was due to
        allergies. ENT couldn’t find any problem. Endo said he wouldn’t have
        recognized me since my appearance had changed so much, then suggested
        a CAT scan for the double vision and wished me good luck in my quest!
        Finally went to my Eye Dr who referred me to a neuro-opthomologist.
        Just finished eye radiation in Dec and believe that things have stopped
        progressing. Next visit is Jan 12 and will know more then.

        Endo claims that I never told him about the weight loss (which I find
        hard to believe, but really don’t remember) also told me that he would
        have no idea what antibodies to look for or what test to do!
        Have scheduled an appointment with a new Endo, but can’t get in until
        early Feb. At this point I am trying to learn all that I can in order
        to be prepared when I go. Also, son (17) recently dropped 18 lbs in 8
        wks, is fatigued and as pale as one can get. Was diagnosed as anemic
        and Thyroid tests have all come back midrange. I requested tests for
        cortisol and parathyroid levels for Addison’s (which was suggested in
        my medical records from the endo). Nurse in the office, who knows
        nothing of our history, wanted to know why I was reading about strange
        diseases and requesting tests! Can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I
        was or what I intend to tell her when I get the opportunity!!! My
        greatest concern is with my son and the need to learn all I can.
        Refuse to let anyone tell him that “it’s all in his head”.

        If it weren’t for the posts and info that I have gotten from this board
        I would truly be lost. Your msgs have provided me with a wealth of
        info and knowledge that I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere – keep up the
        good work, it is truly appreciated more than you know.

        Thanks again,

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