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      well all I can say is I was sent to five different Doctors, had thyroid tissue removed from my eyelid, and all 5 doctors agree that I had Graves Disease and also was HYPOTHYROID!!!! AS I said IT IS VERY RARE!!!
      IF you would like I will E-mail you the Doctors name and phone number
      and you can speak to him yourself ( I will even give you his 800 #) I said it is very rare, another words it is not common and very unusual

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        I’m sorry, I disagree.
        Grave’s disease, for it to be grave’s disease, is due to a unique antibody called “thyroid stimulating antibody” which stimulates the thyroid cells to grow larger (sometimes) and to produce excessive amounts of thyroid hormones (always). An enlargement of the thyroid, called a goiter, is not due to TSH, but to this unique antibody. First, this antibody must be present! Second, the thyroid must overproduce. At this time it is considered active Grave’s. If the antibody is just present, but not acting on the thyroid yet, then you have either “inactive Grave’s” or your not considered to have Grave’s yet. Grave’s disease is never called grave’s disease unless it has become active. If your thyroid has never become overactive, then it has not fit the description and medical definition for diagnosis of Grave’s disease. Many doctors ignore this. They call Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Grave’s disease. This is incorrect. Hashimoto’s has antibodies also and stimulate the thyroid gland, but usually there is not an overproduction and the gland begins to “die” because the antibody is to damaging. This leads to hypoactivity. Grave’s disease can also lead to hypoactivity, but ONLY after overactivity.
        Overactivity and TSa (thyroid stimulating antibody- in many forms) are requirements for Grave’s. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis sometimes can be present with TSa, but the TSa is inactive.

        I’m sorry if noone agrees with me, but this is my firm belief. And I’m not trying to be argumentative.


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          Hate to tell you this, :-), but I was told pretty much the same thing
          as Pumpkin. Was diagnosed as hypo 9 years ago and with GO this past
          summer. However, I do tend to agree with your analysis, since I
          remember losing a great deal of weight 5 or 6 years prior to the diag.

          My question is this: since the end result (being hypo) appears to be
          the same, whether it be Graves or Hashimoto’s, how important is it to
          know what was the initial cause? Can it be determined at this late
          stage in the game? Dr likens it to which came first-the chicken or
          the egg! I’m not so sure that I feel the same way!.

          Also, would like you to know that your posts have provided me with a
          wealth of info that I could not have gotten elsewhere and would
          like to say thank you and keep ’em coming.

          Thanks again,
          Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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