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      Again, I am not saying that you can’t be anything before GD! What I am saying is that to have GD you have to have been hyper in the beginning. You can be hypo, have diabetes, or be totally fine before, but when GD starts, you are hyper. You cannot be hypo all the way through GD and have GD. GD is autoimmune ‘hyperthyroidism.’ I was only saying that you cannot be hypo at the onset of GD, but you certainly can be hypo before, or after. But at the onset, for it to be GD, you have to be hyperthyroid. There are few cases where the hormones are not out of range, but much higher than normal. This is tecnically hyperthyroidism. Just like each case is different, so is each persons baseline hormones.
      Also, I am refering to GD not GO (eye disease).

      Again sorry about the confusion, there just isn’t enough space to fully explain what I am trying to say.


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