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      Good luck with your life-style change, Julie. It sounds like you’re making the decision for lots of positive reasons. There are lots of groups (including the schools) that benefit from the ex-corporate dynamos with creative ideas. My guess is you’ll find a lot of rewarding ways to use your talents.


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        Well folks, you have been wonderful-hope you know that.
        I am about to switch careers from the traditional corporate
        thing with long greuling hours and more priorities than two people could handle
        (but half-way decent pay) to
        the Mom track which is something I wanted to do 10 years ago
        when we adopted our son from Central America.
        The computer belongs to the company so I will be departing the
        BB shortly (perhaps a week or two-not sure yet).

        I have reevaluated my life and have looked at my priorities. It is funny-
        management sent me to an intensive training run by UCLA’s graduate school
        of business in December and it is there that I decided that yes indeed, I WILL put
        first things first. My son, is the light of my life and he is first along
        with Hubby who has been amazingly supportive in this decision to leave
        a 26 year career at a prestigous institution to be the Mom I wanted to
        be 10 years ago. I wish I had done this sooner but at least my son is only 10 and that
        can be a wonderful age. The company has flipped. My colleagues don’t believe it.
        I asked myself, do I want my obituary to read, “Julie got all her work out on time,
        was creative, attended all meetings, answered all her e-mail on time and got extra staff
        when she said she was overwhelmed with work.” OR do I want it to say “The mother who made a difference in
        the life of her child and others.” I know the answer. Our son has ADHD (attention defecit hyperactivity disorder)
        and has always needed extra help. He has done well but it has been a struggle with the career to
        achieve any real balance in life. Toss into all of this in the last 4 years, Hashimotos, disabling asthma,
        Diabetes (blood sugar of 825!) and Graves. All while trying to remain the solid one, cheerful,
        productive, creative, corporate leader, mother and wife. The budget will be VERY tight as I am the majority
        breadwinner but at least hubby has a chance for OT. I feel good about this decision. I actually called in today
        and said, I’m not coming in because I’m working out a family budget to see if I can LEAVE. The phone rang off the hook.

        I hear our local library has computers so maybe I will see if they have internet access.
        If I get or start a Mommy part-time type job, maybe in a year or two, I can affort to buy a PC!
        But no more corporate America. Back to simpler times. Back to basics.
        Back to what is important in life!!!

        If any of you need a dynamo who is only available from 9:30 a.m to 1:30-unless I’m
        with the kid’s class in the library-let me know soon.


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          Julie, I would also like to wish you all the best. Sometimes we have to
          make decisions that seem crazy from a worldly perspective, but from a
          heavenly one are right on target. Take care of yourself and your family,
          and oh yes, enjoy smelling the roses!

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            Hi Julie! You may not have to leave us. While you’re visiting your local school and enjoying the quality time with your son, check out their computer lab. They may already have internet access and you can visit us when time permits! Our school currently has eight computers hooked up with the internet, and will soon have every room networked. As a taxpayer you should be able to use the school’s computers, as long as students and teachers aren’t using them for class. It’s worth checking into. We’d love to see your smiling “face” as often as possible! :)

            Making time for your family and yourself will be a decision you will never regret. Best wishes! Debby

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              Good for you and your family!!!! I have said many times what good is a
              job if you have no family!! Most libraries have freee internet access so
              stop in during story time and post a note. Good luck to you and drop a note
              when you can.


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                Congratulations on your decision. ADHD is tough. I’ve got that on top of my GD. I wish I could afford to make a change like that. Ever since I left college, I’ve wanted to be full time Mom. My son lives with his father so I only see him when I’m not feeling really sick. I’m so glad to see that people are actually able to be Mom. That’s what my mother did for me and my two sisters. I don’t know what life would be like if she hadn’t done that. You will definitely have a rewarding relationship with your son. Again, good luck and congrats!

                Warm Fuzzies, Caroline

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