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      Hi all,
      Saw my Opthalmologist today. Five weeks after decompression. He was very pleased with the way my eyes are healing. Said the pain I am experiencing is normal. He feels he is ready to do muscle surgery around the beginning of March. He sent me to a lab for a pre workup before muscle surgery. I was there for an hour and they did all sorts of testing. The doctor doing the tests told me the reason I am so tired all the time is because the double vision is a constant strain and it takes a lot more energy to do normal things. (Well I think I knew that!)

      Also, it turns out that when I look down the vision is completely out of wack. Thus explaining why I have been tripping a lot and had a couple of bad falls when I have lost my footing. I was told to be very careful with steps or curbs. Of course this just confirms why I don’t feel confident being out on my own.

      So, I guess I have another month or so sticking around my condo where I feel comfortable. At least I love were I live because after ten months of being condo bound it could be a major problem. After the muscle surgery I can look forward to eyelid surgery and then it just might be all over.

      Shirley – I don’t know if you are waiting to have orbital decompression but I have sure noticed a difference in the light sensitivity since I had that surgery. I used to have to wear sunglasses around the condo and any kind of bright light bothered me. Now I haven’t had to wear the sunglasses inside and today when I had the flashlight shined in my eyes it didn’t even bother me.

      Someone mentioned about the Canadian medical system. It’s great. Every time I get sent for a test or scan I don’t even think about cost because there is none. We do pay a minor monthly premium to the government. I guess it evens itself out because I must have used up hundreds of thousands of dollars for my health care and my husband has his annual check up and that is it.

      Wishing everybody better health and lots of smiles. SAS

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