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      Mariam I am so sorry that you felt neglected and ignored. I apologize
      for myself for not offering the support I know you expect and SHOULD
      expect from this board. I am in the process of moving and have a few
      things going on my mind and must have missed your post. That’s no
      excuse and once again I’m sorry.
      I hope you start feeling better very soon. I know your not worthless.
      Your kids know it, and I’m sure you know that’s not true either.
      I hope everything is okay and remember we all have our bad days and there
      is no reason to be sorry for that.

      Much happiness,

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        Hi Miriam, I’m glad you are back and hope you are feeling better. I’m sorry you didn’t get any support posts. Unfortunately everyone was so caught up in explaining how this board was for support that they forgot to do that very thing – support – including me.

        I didn’t even turn on the computer yesterday and I’m not staying on long today as my eyes are really hurting but e-mail me if you like cause I will check from time to time.

        Hope it’s going OK with the kids – sometimes we just have to take things one hour at a time. I’m sure you will get through.

        My thoughts are with you. SAS

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          New to the internet and the BB board
          Sure hope you are feeling better
          Raised three daughters before i got this crazy graves disease. It’s hard enough coping with the everday trials of raising kids without the burden of graves. will be praying for you.

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            I’m so sorry I didn’t respond. Things were rather in a frenzy for a couple of days and try as I might, I couldn’t get on at all yesterday.

            I know that feeling of helplessness. It’s a miserable feeling, especially when other people are depending on you to be normal. Hang in there – the good news is, you almost have to feel better within a few days.

            I’m afraid I’m not very inspirational, but I am a good listener. Feel free to E-mail – I promise I’ll answer.

            Take care,


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