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      Well, If it works, I’ll add it to my repertoire. Remember the Candy Criminals of the early
      80’s? I can now claim PMS, Thyroid problems and an awful sugar rush (speeded up
      of course by my hyperactive metabolism)!

      I can’t imagine how George Bush managed to be President dealing with this…I’ve had
      a hard enough time being a wife and mother!


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        Hi Bruce! Seems like your the eye expert on this bb. I have a question for you. Here’s the scoop..Had my rai a year ago, taking .125 of synthroid and last month got my first “normal” blood work back. My MD says I’m back to normal now and should be feeling just fine. However, I still get really fatigued, my legs get achy, and I just don’t have the pizazz I used to. I feel like most of the time I have to push to get thru the day. I’m only working part-time now. So here’s my question…over the last few weeks I have noticed a dizzyness (ok, so I am a blonde!) and I think it’s due to fuzzy vision. Suddenly everything seems out of focus. Not all the time..mostly when I’m extra tired or stressed. It comes and goes. I’ve never heard of 1-developing new symptoms when you’re suppose to be “all better” and 2-dizzyness and fuzzy vision with Graves disease. I looked up myasthenia gravis, cuz I know that goes along with the blurred vision and drooping lid. (my RIGHT eye droops a bit, and I haven’t seen my eye lids in a year.) So do you have any thoughts on this? Ya know, I really felt like I researched this GD things, causes, treatments etc…but I’m finding that what I don’t have info on is how to live with it. Do we ever get “back to normal” again. People talk about remission, what does that mean with this disease? Well, I hope the long message was ok. Nice chatting again…hey, have you heard how Jake is doing? Thanks. Trish

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          Hi Trish

          Not an expert but have been thru guite a bit!

          Because your thyroid levels are normal doesn’t mean anything in regard to your eyes. The eye disease part can come before thyroid problems, after them (years even), or like me, without any thyroid problems at all. You should check with your Ophthalmologist to see what he says about it. He should check you for Gaucoma, etc also. Often if it is Graves’ eye problems it will show up as poor night vision, sesitivity to light, changes in color vision, etc and some of these can creep in so slow you don’t know they “gotcha”.

          I know the weakness and lack of pizazz well. I have a old friend in N.M. I talked to the other night who has Graves’ with RAI 14 years ago. He was hyper, had RAI, went hypo & on replacement and has been fine ever since (with some adjustments) That’s the way docs think it should go, and mostly does. But for some of us, the symptoms go on. The weakness and lack of pizazz for me seems to be helped now by anti depressants. Depression doesn’t always come as a “bummed out” or “Blues” form with this disease.

          I probably haven’t answered all your question here. Am not quite awake yet.


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