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      Officially tomorrow I will ‘Glow in the Dark’ – just kidding. I am
      glad to finally get my R.A.I. treatment tomorrow. I am tired of feeling
      not well. I have been on Beta Blockers and have helped but tired of
      taking pills 3 times a day as often forget and even when remember when
      getting close to next time for pill I start to not feel well in the
      chest area. Anti Thyroid pills also helped but now have stopped
      taking them in preparation for R.A.I. and symptoms coming back with
      palpitations… Therefore I am not one who wants to stick out taking
      antithyroid pills in hope of a remission because I would always forget
      them at home etc. I also NEVER WANT TO go through these hyper
      symptoms again if a remission ended! So for you brave souls out there
      I admire you for trying the pill route. As with everything it is a
      personal chose which route we take. For me, this is the right route
      even though in the beginning I was wanting to try the pill route. In the
      end I just want to not feel the way I do anymore!

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