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      Hi Bobbi…I understand that some people get relief from being hyper
      because their thyroids are damaged. I think there are others who are in remission because the anti bodies have stopped attacking. I see ATD’s as primarily buying time. And when people come off them and don’t need any replacement, one must infer, for that time, the thyroid is alive and well. It is important that people recognize hypo symptoms and be checked against that danger as well, as you point out.
      Some people who have RAI may also “go into remission”, ie, the anti-bodies peter out or disappear, but they are then on thyroid replacement. It is the “T” sensitive cells that are apparently very important in these resurrgent post RAI relapses. Doing exactly the right amount of RAI would be another important point of research. But it surely is very complicated. But I like your idea better…research those anti-bodies.
      I am really sorry to hear that you are facing this reoccurance. Wishing you all the best. Jeannette

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