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      Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one to feel a little
      down at such a special time of the year.
      I just have to think positively,and try not to be so fixated on my
      Merry Christmas,

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        Hi everyone,
        It’s two days to Christmas and not a cookie is made. I’m so far behind I sure could use some aid.
        But the kids are still all snug in their beds, thoughts of any help probably not in their heads.
        My parents say take it easy, my in-laws say rest- BUT please bring your baking & please bring your best.
        Last year 40 doz. were all made & packed to go, this year slice & bake & stick on a bow.
        For this year I LOOK healthy but realy have graves so (though I don’t want to) short cuts, my sanity saves.

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          Holliday Blues,

          Ah how I understand holiday blues. I am still going through a major bout of depression myself. Following my own advice I went to my doctor and we had a long talk about it. I am seeing a counselor who deals with chronic illness and after about five months of him and medications I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

          This time of year is very traumatic for many of us. We want to be super men and women and cook, clean, bake, buy, wrap, decorate etc. But in reality we do not feel like it sometimes so we go through the motions hoping we will get the spirit.

          Truth is a major depression cannot be healed alone. It takes effort by us, our loved ones and medical science. I have not been posting much the past six months per our director’s orders. Dr. Nancy Patterson said, “You cannot provide help when you need help.” So like many of you I have been a reader but not a poster.

          I drew strength from you all. I took time to work on my writing that I dearly love to do. I went for counseling and things have improved greatly. I even danced and sang with Jan in the kitchen the other day while we baked cookies.

          Just remember when it is dark there is a hand reaching out for you. You must be willing to reach back. As always we are only a click away.

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            I know what you mean and I couldn’t have said it better. I feel like everything is such an effort, even the things I looked forward to last year, just are not getting done, and I don’t seem to care. It’s weird.

            Happy Holidays to you.

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