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      Hi itchy! I get a little rash but it is on my left hand. Like you it is little
      red bumps, they itch like crazy and then go away. I happen to ask the doctor about
      it and he said it was contact dermatitis—-so I stuck my hand into something and
      had a reaction. My question, have you changed bath soap, or laundry detergent, or
      hair shampoo? You may be having a reaction to something like that? Let us know
      good luck….lefty-itchy (carolyn)

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        Hi Michelle,
        I have had a rash on both elbows.knees, and my tail bone since I was diagnosed
        almost 3 years ago it itches real bad my Dr. told me its a form of eczema I think I spelled it right
        because its on my joints . It seems to itch more when I get stressed out I also get little bumps on the
        joints of my fingers they hurt at first they look like water blisters but real tiny then they itch a day or two latter
        if I scratch them they then look like blood blisters then they dry up and my skin peels it is very strange I keep forgetting
        to ask my DR. what they are on my hands. He gave me some prescription cream and lotion to put on my knees and elbows ,
        tail bone it seems to help but the lotion stings and burns real bad if I have been scratching. He says its common because of the dry
        skin. let me know what your Dr. says about your itchy bumps.
        Deanna in Wishon

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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