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      If it’s any consolation, I found out I had Graves’ disease just prior to last Christmas. Yes, Merry Christmas. (And Happy Birthday too, on New Year’s day.) I am on medications for it, against my endo(s) recommendation. I am doing great so far. At my age(40ish), they frown on med route. Two endo’s wanted RAI for me. I decided no at this time.

      I also have had problems with weight gain. Funny, you’d think that hypo people would be the heavier ones, slow thyroid and all. (I’m sure that’s true with some), but I find it to be quite the opposite. The hypo ones I know are the thin. Go figure?? Never ever had weight problems earlier on. But when diagnosed, I can trace back to when weight problems began. I wish I could be of help in the weight category. Of course all the doc’s tell you is, “Stop eating so much! Are you exercising?”

      The “T” drug is working well for me so far, along w/thyroid. Endo says one more year. Actually, I am feeling the best I’ve felt in quite a while. Go to doc tomarrow. We shall see results of my recent test after last 3 months. Endo increase my thyroid med. Hoped that would help weight. Actually my weight is stablizing now “I think.”

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        Welcome to the Grave’s BB.

        Weight gain is a rare symptom of graves. I’m not sure as to the mechanics as to why some people gain weight, but most people actually lose weight because the thyroid overproduction super-increases the metabolism.
        Is your doc an endocrinologist? If not, I would STRONGLY recommend seeing a endo.
        The “T” drung you speak of has been great for me, although I have been bounced aroung between so many doctors that I didn’t get the increase that I needed in my meds in October and have been hyper since (I finally got my increase this month). For some people, ‘T’ can have side effects, and for others it doesn’t work. But it usually is easy to try it. For some people who take the drugs, the disease can go into remission for years or even decades before it comes back again, and sometimes it never comes back at all. This is probably the main reason that the drugs are taken.

        Feel free to email me (by clicking on my name above)if you have any questions at all.

        “Sleepless in Kent”

          Post count: 93172

          I was diagnosed w/GD at the end of August and had RAI the middle of September.

          I too gained weight w/this disease. About 20 pounds to be exact. Before GD, I could eat like a horse and not gain an ounce. However, I developed an incurable craving for chocolate and sugar before diagnosis and treatment which did (finally) go away. Thank goodness. I found myself eating brown surgar straight from the container one night.

          The good news is that I haven’t gained any more weight w/the low thyroid. Murphy’s law is kicking in…Do I buy new clothes? (Been living in overalls, only things that fit) If I do, I just know the 20 pounds will drop overnight!

          Our bodies are each different, unique and respond in their own ways to this disease. Good luck, I understand how you feel!


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