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      hello…words are wonderful, I personaly love words, however they are sometimes hard to compare when you use words like “rare”. how diffeent is that from “relatively rare”? MOST MANY, SOME.

      Anyway…let us resort to numbers for moment….

      Of 218 GD patients who were asked if they gained or lost during the HYPERTHYROID phase, that is, prior to treatment of any kind, here are the responses:

      145 lost weight
      37 gained weight
      5 lost and gained ( that is what they told me)
      25 stayed the same
      6 didn’t tell (no response on this question)

      So that means that 17% ( 16.97%) of this sampling GAINED weight.
      And 67 % (66.51%) LOST weight.

      Now you may all use any words that please you to describe these numbers I have shared. “lots” “few” “most” “hardly any”

      I have gained “some weight” which is solely related to my ATD medication, methimazole, I am sure of that. However I think I might have gained “some more weight” ( notice I am back to loving words and ignoring numbers?) from:
      Christmas Chocolate Truffles, Biscotti, whipped Cream on gingerbread, pecan pie at Grandma’s….. Happy New Year to all. Jeannette

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