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    Hello! This is my first time writing on a message board, however I
    have been reading all of the messages posted by various people, So
    here goes my story. I am really taking the plunge….
    I was diagnosed with Graves in September, 1995 by my primary care
    physician. I was put on Tapazole until April 1996. While on
    Tapazole my blood levels fluctuated and my eyes kept getting worse.
    I was referred to an ophthalmologist in late 1995 and they treated me for
    “dry eyes” and gave me goop and artificial tears. This did not
    help. In May, the ophthalmologist recommended a treatment of
    prednisone (steroid), which helped the swelling and vison for a short while.
    To condense this, I finally saw an endocrinologist in May, 1996.
    Had the RAI (10 mil.) Had another session of prednisone recently which
    is not helping. My main problem is my eyes!! I am having trouble focusing,
    light sensitivity, swelling, etc. My focus problem is like the after
    affects of a flash bulb in my eyes. There is a constant bright spot
    in my vision, and it is always there. I am unable to
    drive, and am having difficulty seeing at my clerical job due to this eye
    problem. I would like to get opinions from anyone regarding radiation
    therapy to the eye…. My ophthalmologist
    will discuss this procedure at my next visiit on 9/23. All responses
    are most welcome. Thank you for being here for me. It’s nice to know
    that I’m not alone…..Carmen.

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