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      I was so excited to find this BB. I was diagnosed with Graves disease about 4 years ago. I underwent 2 RAI treatments and to this day do not feel right. I have gained about 20 pounds that my endo said is not directly related to the thyroid disease (BULL). My eyes bulge out (the right one worse than the left one) and my hair is always dry dry dry now.
      I have come to the realization that even though my endo considers me “NORMAL” I will probably never feel as good as I did before the onset of the Graves Disease. It just makes me feel better to be able to have a bunch of people who know exactly how I feel, because I look relatively normal (except for eyes) so nobody really seems to be able to fathom
      when I say I feel really crappy. I’ll be in touch. THIS IS GREAT!

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