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    The first CHAT room session was last night. We had a few bugs in the system
    we could only have five people in the room at a time and if someone would come
    into the room it would bump someone else out. Did anyone have any trouble getting
    into the CHAT room last night? We will have another one in November. I am still
    on a learning curve on the CHAT room but we will do OK. I am going to learn how to
    send out attachments during the chat so you can have a handout during the chat
    session. It lets us send a file while we are talking so you can read what we
    are talking about. IT will get better with time. Some of the folks have offered
    to help answer the mail and I really appreciate it. Some one asked me how to say
    Peace in Lenni-Lanape last night and it is Achwangundowi. It means peaceable one.
    Thanks for your help and keep talking and listening.


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    I’m pretty new to this bulletin board and I have
    been reading alot about IRC and a chat room for GD
    . Could someone please enlighten me I am very
    interested, Thanks.
    Lynn from Toronto

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    Go to the home page, click on “online support group schedule”. At that page you will find basic IRC info and you can also download the mIRC software that is used for chat.

    Back on the home page, go down the list and click on “Graves’ disease” and from the next page you can register for the chat room and get a user id.

    We’ve been meeting informally at 7 eastern time on sunday evenings.

    Check it out and see if that answers your questions. The software also has some good help with it.

    Hope to talk to you there!


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    This graves is the worst thing that can happen just had rai
    last month i hope this will work , my heart beats for 2 people

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    Go to the home page and click on online support group schedule. On that page there is a link to the basic IRC information page.

    You will also need to register for a user id. You will find a link to the registration on the graves’ disease page.

    Hope to chat with you there!


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