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      Dear Nancy

      One of the reasons I wrote was, to let you know the correct
      spelling of ACROPACHY<=====Note the "CHY". I was afraid if you tried to
      research it you might not find what you were looking for. I apologize
      for not putting this info in the other post. :-)



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        I assume you were joking about the acrylic nails but let me tell you if
        they were not a medical expense the clean up from what happened to me
        after I ditched the nails should have been. I’ve never had great nails
        but you can forget it now. I’m encouraged (that is I THINK I’m encouraged)
        to know that this is just another spin-off from graves. That means
        maybe things will return to normal after awhile.

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          Thanks to all who responded about the nail problem I started having. I
          went to the Dr. today and she said that *sure enough* this is another
          symptom in the GD parade of problems. She said it’s not acropatchy, and
          didn’t say Plummer’s nails, but she has seen it before in hyperthyroid
          patients–it’s a fungus. She gave me something called terbinafine HCI cream
          and told me to soak my fingernails in vinegar a couple times a day, then
          apply the cream. Great, now I can go around smelling like pickles.

          A good weekend to all,

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            Pickle juice. Pickle juice. Pickle, pickle, pickle juice.
            Pickle juice. Pickle juice. Pickle, pickle, pickle juice.
            And on and on.
            Did anybody else’s kid have a book called ‘Pickle Juice’.
            That’s all the book said. Honest – nothing else.
            Now we know it must have been penned by a fungal author.
            Anyway your plight reminded me of a book I’d rather forget.
            Good luck with this treatment. I have seen vinegar used to kill other
            fungal dermalogical problems.

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              My dad swears by baby oil for fungus on toe and fingernails.
              It was a common problem for the GI’s in WWII and that’s what they did!


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