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      Hi – I’m not sure where you live but if it might be in the Seattle area there are excellent facilities in Vancouver, BC. The University of BC Thyroid Orbitopathy Clinic which is run out of downtown Vancouver has an excellent group of Ophthalmologists and an excellent Endo. People come from across Canada and the States to see my Ophtho. When I had my eyelid done eight years ago I was the only one in the ward from Vancouver. I have talked to three of his prior patients who can’t say enough good about him. One also told me she was seeing him years ago and he was the one that operated on Barbara Bush. I don’t know this for sure but from the reputation he has in the area it is indeed possible. All the facilities for radiation treatments, CAT scans etc. are within walking distance of their offices and it is very convenient. Just a thought if you live closer to BC than Mayo.

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        Another good Eye specialty hospital is in Philadelphia, Pa.
        I do not know where you reside but the Wills Eye Hospital
        900 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19107 is a large facility
        that has a great team of doctors that have done extensive research
        on graves eye treatments and alternative treatments.


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