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      Hi Margie!
      I wouldn’t advise you to get the tear-gel for night time, The DR.must
      not have understood me!?! the tear gel is used for daytime.
      I have duralube now for the nightime, glad I picked it up just in case.
      Now I have to wait until monday to get this straighten out.
      I know what your going through, I can’t get a proper night sleep either.
      There must be a cream that can last through the night.
      Are your eyes closing completely at night? I know how irratated your
      eyes can get, I will let you know if my othamologist as any suggestions
      when I call on monday, In the meantime if you find something that
      actually “works” PLEASE let me know:.)
      Best of luck,

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        Thanks for the info, I will try the tear-gel. I am always looking
        at this BB for ideas to better my eyes. I have Egor type eyes but
        they do close during the day but dry out some. Natural tears helps
        during the day but night time is my problem. My Opt doctor says my
        eyes do not shut at night when I am in a relaxed sleep. I thought
        because I could shut them during the day they must be shutting at
        night also. WRONG! I started getting blister type sacks at the bottom
        1/3 of my eyes. After my Opt Dr. realized what was causing this I
        started using the duralube, the sacks went away but the reddness
        remained.Months have gone by and my eyes are still red and irratated.
        I am due for the Opt Dr.apt. next week and I know my eyes have
        protruded more (definitely past the Betty Davis stage) and I am
        experiencing double vision and blurred vision. There seem to be no
        end to eye problems with GD.I keep thinking tomorrow this will
        stop!!! Tomorrow !!Tomorrow!!Tomorrow!!” ” “

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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