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      Dear Jake
      Would you mind posting about taking styroids for me as I think the doctor in Toronto is about to put me on them at least thats what my End doc says,but he did say there is alot of side effects in fact Jake he find of made me dread taking them he made it sound like a terrible route to have to take.Is this what you think Jake?Also I don’t want to bash anyone here and if I was abit grumpy here yesterday please forgive me people I’am under alot of stress,Thanks Jake!

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        One of the great things about the internet is we get to see treatment
        options from around the world. The information posted by Ron was
        informative. Ron did go a bit overboard (personnal opinon) on why the
        FDA does what they do. I stated in a post earlier this week that one
        of our board of directors does his research overseas because the FDA is
        to restictive. The FDA does not allow for some treatments here that are
        used elsewhere in the world. I will not try to guess why the FDA will
        not allow those treatments here I can only speculate and I will not post

        Part of the problem with drug approvals is the race and lifestyle of the person. For example a person of Spanish or latin descent cannot
        get novicain for a filling for instance. They get lidocain (?) instead.
        There is a genetic predisposition to a drug reaction. So what may work
        one place may not work for another. Can’t speak for the FDA but they seem to want to approve only what can be used by the general population.

        All I can ask is when we post facts (please give web site if there is one for future reference) or give the name of the study so we can get
        copies and put things like that into our bulletins.

        Thanks for your concerns Donna,

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