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      Family support is so important. I am lucky that I have lots. One of my sisters is a critical care nurse and one of the nurses that works under her has had Graves Eye Disease and even tho it was a long time ago she still can’t work a full day or at night because of driving home – so when I said I had the disease she immediately knew about it.

      Another thing you can do is PRINT posts from people going through similar experiences as you and have your family read them. I think when they actually see that other prople are suffering the same way they will appreciate the way you are feeling. You could just say “maybe I don’t explain clearly about how I am feeling these days so if you read this you might understand a bit better”. Don’t make it look like you are complaining – just trying to make it a little clearer about how Graves affects so many parts of the body.

      Hope this makes sense, I’m watching the Olympics at the same time and keep getting side tracked.

      Hope it helps. Good luck. Take care. SAS

        Post count: 93172

        Since I live alone I don’t have to worry about other people. The cats love me no matter how crabby I may get. Your advice on printing out the posts you relate to was right on though. I have done that since I started on this bb and last Christmas my son found and started reading them. He said now he has a much better idea of what Graves is all about. I three-hole punch the printouts and put them in a binder. Even though I rarely go back and look at one, I know they are there in case I need to explain to someone what is going on. Sometimes I write on the printout my own situation as it pertains to the message. I was always sorry I hadn’t kept a journal through all of this and the printouts are the closest thing I have to document what has happened.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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