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      I think I may have some eye changes but whether due to Graves I
      don’t know. I have had to wear eye glasses for driving since I was 16
      and also for distance when I want (school, movies…) but have always
      worn them as little as possible. I don’t think my eyes are changing
      in the area of needing reading glasses. I have no problems reading
      books, newspaper etc. without my glasses but only do when I am driving
      in the car and with glasses look down and try and read something in my
      hands- I can’t as feels wierd and can’t seem to focus. My husband just
      finally got his reading glasses after holding newspaper 3 feet from
      his face! and I don’t have that problem. Hope to get to see my
      eye Dr. in New Year when he returns in January.
      Wt gain with Graves:
      I have been on Jenny Craig for a year now trying to lose wt. and at
      moment have lost 30+ lbs. Much of this year I was unknowing I was
      developing Graves Disease. Therefore the wt. went slow until around
      the time I was diagnosed I had several weeks of 5-6 lb. wt. loss. Now
      it is back to usual slow rate of loose some gain some. I have found
      it’s almost that I know I have a fast metabolic rate so: I can eat
      a whole sandwich now not 1/2, what the heck I’ll have a milkshake with
      the kids as I can handle it now, peanut butter sandwich- sure my
      fast metabolism will say O.K…….. Like when I was pregnant and
      gained 40 lbs. with each kid as ‘I’m pregnant and supposed to eat for
      2 SO SURE DID!!
      For some of us perhaps this is how it goes, instead of eating usual
      amount of food and loosing lots of weight; we feel urge to eat more
      as quite hungry BUT THAN JUST GO OVERBOARD.
      That’s my thoughts on gaining wt. with Graves.
      Anyone agree????????

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